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Savon artisanal LIMA  - spiruline et argile verte - savon acné - savon purifiant - La Spiruline du rocher - 110g

Handmade Soap for All Skin Types with Spirulina and Green Clay 110g


The Lima soap with La Spirulina du Rocher spirulina and green clay from Secrets d’Autrefois is a high-quality natural product, designed to help purify and regulate skin prone to acne, dryness or itching.

Handcrafted in Puget-sur-Argens through cold saponification, it combines sunflower oil, rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, green clay with healing and anti-inflammatory virtues, olive oil with nourishing and antioxidant properties, and coconut oil for a lipid-replenishing and soothing action.

Spirulina, a key ingredient, offers sanitizing, moisturizing and repairing benefits for skin prone to acne, eczema and other skin problems. Experience a natural and gentle care for your skin.

This unique formula combines the beneficial properties of spirulina, a nutrient-rich microalgae, with green clay, known for its detoxifying and soothing properties.

This gentle and non-irritating soap deeply cleanses the pores while leaving the skin soft and moisturized. It also helps to remove impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells for a brighter and clearer complexion. Used regularly, this soap can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, the acne-prone, dry or itchy skin soap with spirulina and green clay from Secrets d’Autrefois is a safe and effective choice to take care of your acne-prone skin. Try it now for healthier and more radiant skin!

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