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Athletic BlueGreen - Isolat de protéines de pois et spiruline - Complément alimentaire naturel riche en protéines végétales

Athletic BlueGreen Pea Protein Isolate and Spirulina


Boost your performance with Athletic BlueGreen: the spirulina that propels athletes to excellence!


This pea protein isolate powder is enriched with spirulina, with 3g of pure spirulina per 30g serving, it contains 24g of protein per serving to offer you a highly nutritious source of protein that is beneficial for your health.


Spirulina, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, is a superfood known for its potential to improve sports performance.


It also contains essential amino acids, antioxidants and phycocyanin, which helps reduce muscle inflammation and promote recovery.


With Athletic BlueGreen, you benefit from the unique combination of pea protein and spirulina for a formula that is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and without added sugar. This formula is easy to digest and quick to assimilate, making it ideal for use before or after training.


Produced in France with premium ingredients, Athletic BlueGreen Spirulina is a wise choice for athletes wanting to benefit from the benefits of a high-quality plant-based protein source, with the added bonus of spirulina for an extra boost to their performance and recovery.


Add a large scoop (30g) of Pea Protein Isolate to your favorite smoothie, or mix with water or milk, 30-60 minutes post-workout, or anytime to refuel of proteins.

Order now and discover the difference that Athletic BlueGreen Spirulina can make to your workout routine.

Contains 13 servings of 30g Chocolate flavor

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